About Test Ninjas

We are a small testing agency who work with a network of trusted independent and professional software testers. We normally work with digital agencies, startups and small businesses to help them find problems with their software before their customers do!

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  • OnDemand Testing

    We know projects are always shifting.  We adapt to your needs. Once a week. Tomorrow. The weekend.  One tester. Many testers. You name it. Our goal is to help you launch product within your schedule.

  • Very Good Testing

    Our focus is to provide you with very good testing. We love to be lean,  fast and efficient.  Let us help you figure out the best way to find problems with your software.

  • Testers, join us!

    We’re always looking for bright testers who want to develop a sustainable career as an independen and remote workingt tester.  Get in touch!

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The latest blog posts and news from the Test Ninja team.

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  • 10 Rules Test Ninjas Live By

    It’s been quite a journey over the past year.  Living the Test Ninja life style, figuring out what works and doesn’t.  We’ve had our ups and downs.  As a result we feel these are some rules that Test Ninjas live by. 1. Always Be Learning Our industry moves so fast, no professional should ever stop […]

  • Busting Myths – What Do We Need To Test?

    The world is full of technology projects. From the massive all the way to micro projects.  The projects we tend to work with are on the smaller scale – mobile apps, Facebook apps, web, online cloud products and e-commerce websites.  Approaching testing for these smaller projects is a very different situation to working on large […]

  • Our cover has been blown.

    Ever wondered what one of our stealth Test Ninjas looks like?  In March we hosted TestBash 2.0 – a software testing conference down in Brighton.  This is Vernon.